A year in review

Since 2018, I review each previous year’s accomplishments, gifts, relationships, milestones and breakthroughs. This practice helps me exercise radical self-acceptance. I’m lucky.

I captured 2020 in photographs and hope to share this album soon. 2021 has been the year of abundance and community. So much to be grateful for. Here are this year’s Top Gratitudes:

  1. The revelation of life purpose – my contributions in the fashion industry. Nothing has ever been this clear (thanks random recruiter who helped light the way!)
  2. Relocation into a quiet, safe and peaceful apartment near a body of water.
  3. My parents, who despite their age and circumstances, continue to work on themselves.
  4. The amazing EB bootcamp community that brings enough positive energy to heal the world. Special thank you to those who made moving possible. With hypermobile joints, and a lack of proper strength conditioning, there is no way I could have done this on my own. I moved alone before, but my body was stronger pre-pandemic, so for the here and now, I am truly blessed to have extra hands. Special shout out to EBBC leadership – Kym, Juliana and Jack. The trifecta I didn’t know I needed!
  5. My incredibly talented psychotherapist Ale, who gets me so deeply. When I tell her I feel lost, she corrects me and says “No, you just misplaced your compass.” She has been instrumental in my self-healing and growth process. Infinite love.
  6. My I pilates and yoga community for prioritizing each students’ unique physicality, for teaching me the mechanics of my own confidence. And for 6 years in collaboration and counting, making sure I have access to the medicine of pilates and yoga.
  7. My former boss, now friend and marketing services client Haley for the unconditional and unwavering support of anything I set out to do, and for maintaining our business relationship with the utmost integrity.
  8. My friend Joyce for all the career wisdom, the opportunity to lead her weekly co-working session and to set up an advertising foundation for her business, and most importantly, for helping me frame my work experience in the best possible way.
  9. My friend Jessica for being a true ride or die; always there in the lightest or darkest hours. I am lucky that our 14-year long friendship has a depth of intimacy where we can be vulnerable, imperfect and even messy while still feeling emotionally safe and secure in each others’ company.
  10. My friend Lisa for the unconditional love and support and for generously offering her (and Dave’s) time and energy to help in my move, job search and interview prep.
  11. My friend Darlene for generously offering her time, energy and resources to help in my job search and interview prep. And a genuine and unapologetic lust for life. I aspire to be like Darlene when I “grow up” 😉
  12. My friends Adam, Leesa and Annie for generously offering valuable career advice, time and energy to help prep me for job interviews.
  13. My friend Davi (and her sweet mama Victoria) for always offering company and moral support; their journey through the physical realm is a constant source of spiritual inspiration.
  14. My childhood friends Roxie and Sean who’ve known me for 20+ years and still continue to believe in me. It has been a gift to watch their 3 children grow and I cherish my relationship with the entire family.
  15. My Pozor FB group community for relentlessly offering support and a helping hand to one another. Shout out to Michael Yudanin for helping with mock interviews, and for Olga Tomchin for such devoted community leadership.
  16. My friends Simon and Zarina for the incredible photo shoot at Globus Books in SF. The images were the confidence boost I needed.
  17. Audrey, Damaris, etc… all the beauties in Baja, Mexico who welcomed me earlier this year and helped make my visit truly an unforgettable experience.
  18. All my friends on the periphery, out of state, around the world and in the blue-walled rooms of various private FB group communities.

***I hope I’m not forgetting anything, and if I am, then I will update this post as needed!***

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