Nineteen days

I officially lasted 19 days without added/ processed sugars or grains. I learned a lot about my own mind-body connection and admit I did not set myself up for success when I started this elimination diet. I thought if I “only stick to low-sugar fruit” I’d be able to sustain but my exercise routine did not support the chemical changes that my body was experiencing and thus I had multiple episodes of food overkill. Here are some observations/ things I learned:

1. It was incredibly hard to feel satiated. As a result, I felt irritable often despite letting out all my yayas during exercise.

2. Actively pursued more protein with fish, egg and Greek yogurt. Ate more in each group than I’ve ever had before. However, I didn’t realize that my body has been burning thru the calories fast during cardio, leaving none for other activities and thus I was craving more food with each day. By the time my weight training routines rolled around in the day, I was too tired but also still ravenous. Next time, I will do more mindful cardio more strategically scheduled, and prioritize weight training – which is my priority these days anyway.

3. Looking into bone broth protein and adding other collagen protein into my daily food. I don’t think eating more to sustain intense body conditioning is the way to go. I already struggle with overdoing things so this is a slippery slope. It’s more about What I’m eating and How I’m using my energy: very useful insight for next time!

4. The premenstrual days, along with some routine changes triggered my sugar relapse. I was feeling emotionally sensitive already and upon deciding to bake a batch of vegan treats for friends (you know, to use up that egg replacer before it went bad lol), without even thinking I found myself eating the treats. Good thing they are paleo, but with 3/4 cups of brown sugar in the recipe, they’re definitely not sugar-free.

So much learned. So much to do differently next time around!

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